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Fanart of Hyrule Historia manga
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What software do you use to draw?
PS CS6 and Wacom Tablet, pencil or ink and paper for traditional art.

MATURE ART nsfw!!!! 18+…

Supported pairings!

1. Zelink (oot, tp, ss) first Link x goddess Hylia
2. Ichiruki
3. Vysaika
4. Nerokyrie
5. Ashmist
6. Edowinry
7. Sonamy
9. Monktrip
10. NaruYuki
11. ShepAsh
12. ShinjiRe
13. Guts x caska
14. Minato x yukari

Current Residence: Sweden

Favourite genre of music: classical, Anime/VG OST, Heavy metal, jap rock, same jojk, native american, bolivian native

Favourite artists: In Flames, Metallica, Enya, Howard Shore, Williams, Koji Kondo

Favourite artists: Kenojuak Ashevak, Eddie Cobiness, Monet, Leonardo DaVinci, Ken Sugimori, Yusuke Nakano, Rembrandt, Rafael, Tetsuya Nomura, Juno Jeong, Toshiro Kawamoto, James Gurney, Ancient Greek pottery/Fresco artists, Johan Tirén

Favourite style of art: realistic shonen manga style (wolfīs rain, mononoke hime) Impressionism, Heraldic, Tribal, Orientalising Greek style, Kamares Cretan style, Sydsamiska symbolteckningar, Jämtlandsstil, Tranh lang sinh (Hue/Saigon traditonal art).

Operating System: Vista

Favourite cartoon character:

Link, Wolf Link, princess Zelda (oot, tp) Kiba (WR) Vyse, Aika (SOA) Kano Ashido, Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Rukia, Coyote Starrk (BLEACH) San, Ashitaka (MONONOKE HIME) Pit (ssb:brawl) Mr. John Marston (Red Dead R)
Im on such a roll now with my fan art concept ideas that time is just flying by! 
As soon as I have finished all my concepts, then I will make finished colored works in photoshop :D 

im so happy to be once again in zelda mode omg I even made the hylian army, armour and euipment haha 

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Well, since you faved my pixel art and all and you asked what software I use, for pixel art I use Paint.NET. It's a nifty application that's like MS Paint, but much better! It's like in between MS Paint and Photoshop. Thanks for the favorites.
Not a problem! Keep doing your thing!
Thanks for the favorite!
Thanks for the fav ^^
KingGhidorah2007 Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do me a huge favor.
And stop watching me.
As you wish but I wish to know why. I like your art alot still even if I donīt comment. I donīt comment on here in general anymore because I donīt have time to do that anymore as I canīt visit DA that often because of other stuff irl. Iam not that active on here anymore but pop in from time to time. 

Is it because of that I fav/like your solo Link pieces, or what? Is it because I support zelink? 

I find it unfortunate that you wish me to do that, as you were one of the very first to watch me when I first joined this site. Well, I guess times change. I will still look at your art from time to time though because as I said, I like it. Even if Iīm not watching you anymore then. 

Thanks for being my friend through all these years. 

KingGhidorah2007 Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would say no but that would make me a liar.

Nobody will probably never understand this but it pretty much hurts me really deep, and not JUST me.
It is a in depth feeling of wanting people to be happy for you, but its everywhere you go
it's everyone thinking otherwise, atleast in my social area.
I don't want to yell, I dont want to snap, nobody will ever know how I seriously feel, putting it this way,
I've been listening to Boyfriend by Alphabeat since yesterday nonstop and drawing..interesting pictures.

If it's so bad to just see art as art and not catogorized it, then why even try to enjoy it?
regardless the pairing i've enjoyed your art, but then one day it just struck me, its not that you draw it, its that art is catagorized its pretty rediculous, you are into several couples, I am into one, and this one isnt fangirlisim, it's something much more sacred, call me insane.

I will be honest and say that I donīt really understand what you are trying to say, but I can only speak for myself when it comes to art (for me) I am of the view that I draw art for me and not to get favs/pageviews/comments on here. Without getting to personal, it seems to me you may have maybe some relationship problems? The only thing I can say is that if you truly feel like that, you should talk about it with someone you trust, let it all out. If you donīt let people around you know how you truly feel, then how are they supposed to help you/understand you?

I mean I may categorize art after what I like/donīt like, but that doesnīt stop me from still liking someoneīs art still. I mean if I were like really rabid zelinker I wouldnīt even have interacted with you in the first place as youīre a a fan of midlink. I have my preferred pairings, but yeah it is a bit ridicoulus and Iīm not as active screaming I LIKE ZELINK like I used to do.

The way you feel that midlink or your persona Middy x link? is sacred I interpret that it means alot to you, maybe because your persona afterall is you and you are emotionlly very invested as you do post very personal pieces with her and your version of  link sometimes I find. This may just be guessing from my part. If you donīt mind me saying, I would say that some of your pieces maybe show what you would actually wish for relationships of different kinds would be like sometimes irl. That people understand you, and your emotions.

I admit it would be interesting for my curiousity to hear what you mean when you say "sacred" but maybe it is too private and personal for you?

Regardless, I think you have to let out those negative emotions you have. Nothing good comes from bottling them up inside, I say this as a friend. I hope I havenīt offended you with my ramblings above.


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ElwayGuy7 Nov 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for fave on 'Link, Warrior of Hylia'! Much appreciated! =)
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